DUI Evaluations for Secretary of State

We are licensed by the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS), Substance Use Prevention & Recovery (SUPR), to conduct DUI Alcohol and Drug Evaluations / Uniform Reports, Update Evaluations, and respond to the letters of denial.

There are some documents that are required for the purpose of the evaluation, however, one of our counselors will gladly guide your through the process, and answer any of your questions.

Call us at (773) 293-1770 to schedule your appointment.

We will conduct your DUI Evaluation.

Write your Alcohol and Drug Use History.

Write your Treatment Needs Assessment.

Write your Treatment Waiver if appropriate and provide you with any other appropriate or required documentation.  

The following are links related to some of the forms required by the Secretary of State: 

Request Copies of Documents Administrative Hearings

Formal Hearing Request