Substance Abuse Evaluations / Treatment

Avance conducts Substances Abuse Evaluations and treatment at a Sliding-Fee-Scale. 

Call us to Schedule your assessment appointment: (773) 293-1770. 

Our Staff are state licensed and certified. 

The following are our licensed outpatient substance abuse treatment programs: 

  • Level I Adult Outpatient
  • Level I Adolescent Outpatient
  • Level II Adult IOP
  • Level II Adolescent IOP
  • Substance Abuse Evaluations
  • DUI Evaluations
  • Risk Education

The primary objective of Avance’s Substance Abuse program is to assure quality services to our community.  We are committed to create effectual treatment modalities, as well as appropriate alcohol and drug treatment and prevention services to any person affected by Drugs and/or Alcohol. 

Our goal as a Substance Abuse treatment provider is to ensure that individuals learn healthy coping skills to overcome substance abuse and substance dependence so that they can lead healthy and productive lives and their social consequences are eventually lessened.